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Job Title

A brief description of the job


Crystal Type

Cuboid or Spherical

Crystal Dimensions*

Dimensions of the crystal in X,Y,Z in µm.
Z is the beam axis, Y the rotation axis and X completes the right handed set

Pixels per Micron

The resolution of the grid used to calculate dose in voxels/µm. Defaults to 0.5.

Absorption Coefficient

The method for calculating the absorption and attenuation coefficients. Average uses average atomic crystal compositions based on a PDB survey. RADDOSE explicitly calculates the coefficients using the crystal parameters.


Beam Type*

Either Gaussian or TopHat. If it is Gaussian, you must specify FWHM for the beam.

Full Width at Half Maximum*

The vertical and horizontal FWHM of the beam in µm.


Total beam flux in photons/sec of the collimated beam. Scientific (e.g 1e12) notation is acceptable.


Energy of the beam in keV.

Rectangular Collimation

The vertical and horizontal size of the collimated beam in µm as defined by the slits. For an uncollimated Gaussian beam this should be set to ~3xFWHM. Required for TopHat beam type.



Angular range of wedge (in degrees), relative to the starting position of crystal.

Exposure Time*

Total exposure time for the wedge in seconds.